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Video Ceramica Mediterranea by Carolina Melis

Video Ceramica Mediterranea by Carolina Melis

Colors, scents, values, inspirations and hands of the Sardinian land.

What better way to honor the land that hosts us than to exalt it with a narrative video created by Carolina Melis, designer, art director and illustrator from Cagliari.

Carolina, daughter of a Sardinian father and a Danish mother, lived for a long time in London, where she established herself in the world of communication as an art director and director in the field of advertising, music and television. She has worked, among others, with Bbc, Fendi, Volkswagen, Mtv, Sony, Prada.

A few years ago Carolina returned to Sardinia, with a new dream that has turned into a life project: to bring her experience as a designer in contact with the world of Sardinian craftsmanship.  (

The video that we have realized, sees protagonists the essence of Ceramica Mediterranea and the creativity of Carolina.

Carolina Melis


Who is Carolina Melis?

I am Carolina Melis, Art Director of Terra video. I worked in the field of animation for major production companies abroad. A few years ago I opened a Studio and I deal with production and creativity.

What gave you idea for video Terra?

I started from some reflections on the word Mediterranean. I liked the fact that the word itself contained the term EARTH, or rather the matter, the content of the video.

The idea was to narrate in a poetic way the journey of the earth – from earth to earth.

What is the story described video?

A narrative voice accompanies the succession of transitions and emphasizes the main features of the product: Sardinian raw materials, water saving through dry milling, the use of renewable energy for self-consumption, the recovery of hot air, the use of local staff, design and waste recovery.

Smooth and dynamic movement, choice of music, concise and incisive script create a warm and enchanting atmosphere.

The spot does not have a didactic objective, but an emotional one: to create a unique atmosphere that introduces the philosophy of Ceramica Mediterranea to the public.

The video begins and concludes with the image of a seagull, what does it represent?

I chose a sea bird – the seagull – whose wings recall the ‘m’ of the Mediterranea logo – as a guide on this journey to land.
As a symbol for land-based sailors, the seagull represents strength and nature.

How was the video made?

I worked with several animators who specialize in different techniques.
Some parts are drawn and animated by hand following traditional techniques, others with animation software.

A spot made entirely in animation to create an a-temporal dimension and give a sense of craftsmanship. The animation has no cuts but is a continuous and linear transformation of images and scenarios. A slight grainy effect always present, recalls the texture of the earth. The main colors are natural and typical of the Mediterranean lands.


Ceramica Mediterranea from Carolina Melis on Vimeo.