Earth, Soul and Design – Made in Sardinia


Magical Sardinia, where

“[...] it is still possible to sleep a light sleep among the atoms of timelessness, where [...] one can read in the wind and the wave, in the faces of men and women, in their language and melodies, in the way the evening smoke of the hearth ripples over their dwellings. ’’ 
Ernst Jünger
20th-century German Writer and Philosopher

From the ancient Sardinian: Keep lit, enliven, sow.

Abitzai is an ancient word loaded with meaning, lost in the distant roots that unite the universe of the land and its rural village. Today it is a way of being, thinking and designing, in tune with nature and touch with traditions and the land. It is an expression of the beauty and substance of the land.

Abitzai: Grace and loveliness, a virtuous return to the origins

“The land has a mysterious connection with time in the rural village. It is consciousness, enchantment, belonging and the centre of the world and destiny. It has a powerful voice full of mysteries,which should not be silenced, but listened to and indulged in"
Claudia V. Mazohl, Business Development of Ceramica Mediterranea e Abitzai
We aspire to diffuse the culture, beauty, and mystery of an almost vanished Sardinia that intrigues and seduces. Where one evokes the ancient and feels the depth of your roots. (It could be) the land of each of us...

Balancing the past, the present and the future

We designed Abitzai creations to transform the home: with vivid colours, sinuous lines e island geometries
Created by contemporary designers from the critical elements of the Sardinian land and its millenary culture. 
Made entirely on the island, with local materials and labour
to give voice to unique materials, bearers of emotions and beauty.

Discover Abitzai Creations


Essentzia di Sardinia

Essentzia di Sardinia encapsulates Sardinian identity and its many cultural, craft and symbolic facets. These creations give the home an authentic soul, rich in meaning and beauty.

Pietra di Serrenti

Pietra di Serrenti interprets trachyte: an ancient, tactile material that tells of the vitality of its territory. These creations explore the potential of the earth to create surprising scenic effects, with a cheerful play of veins and warm tones in natural shades.


Reflex is the encounter between the colours of the Sardinian land and the modern texture of the metal. These textured, minimalist, and iridescent creations blend perfectly, displaying uniqueness and elegant nuances. They are suitable for urban, metropolitan, and contemporary environments, which lend a vibrant warmth.


Naes, in Sardinian, indicates the branches of a tree whose shade was a place of rest and refreshment for shepherds. These creations present plays of contrasts between shades and shadows, clean and minimalist lines that recall the simplicity and essentials of life.


Nues, in Sardinian, is the name for clouds. These soft, sinuous, and cosy creations are as true to their inspiration as ever.


Tessiri, in Sardinian, is the ancient art of weaving. These creations pay homage to the geometric motifs of traditional tapestries, giving them a new symbolic meaning.


ITE prende ispirazione dal profondo legame storico e sociale tra Ceramica Mediterranea  e le Miniere di Montevecchio, diventando un’ immersione nel mondo dei minerali e nelle loro geometrie.


La forma geometrica dell’ottagono diventa la fonte d’ispirazione di HETH, la prima
novità della linea Mediterranea.

Home to our creations

A place full of colour, material, and charm, located in the heady streets of the Villanova district 
in the historic centre of the city of Cagliari. 
Casa Abitzai isthe first flagship storeof Ceramica Mediterranea and Abitzai.

Get to know, touch, and fully experience the Abitzai creations
in this warm and welcoming home– pure concentrate of Sardinian land.
Sardinia awaits

Casa Abitzai, at 79 Sulis Street, is open daily,
Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-1pm and 4pm-8pm.
Make a personalised appointment by calling +39 348 7930042
or writing to

Milano apre le porte a Casa Abitzai (sa terra mea).
Presso la materioteca Metroquality in via Solferino 24 potrai trovare un angolo di terra sarda.

Lo spazio Metroquality è aperto dalle 9 alle 18 dal lunedì al venerdì.