Sustainable business


The footprint we want to leave

We are committed to leaving a positive footprint on the land, and in people's homes, but also to reduce the impact of our production, which is now certified, responsible and circular: it respects the environment, work and people's health.

Sardinia Green Island Project

We have always considered the environment an asset to be protected. Today, thanks to a programme structured in collaboration with Enel X and Enel Green Power, we aim to decarbonise our production process and become the first industrial-scale example of a completely carbon-neutral ceramic firing line. An ambitious project, aiming at complete energy independence from fossil fuels.

People - Our Greatest Capital

We are convinced that responsible production must take care not only of the environment but also of people. For us, people are precious and represent our most significant capital. We are a company driven by a deep ethical and social commitment, which we integrate into our business objectives. Ceramica Mediterranea an excellence characterised by a robust value system, operating through tangible and concrete actions for the benefit of the local community.

From Sardinia, with passion.

For over 22 years, we have been designing authentic, versatile and durable collections inspired by the land and millenary culture of our island. We export all over the world to share, through the ceramic surface, a fragment of the Sardinian cultural heritage.

This is Ceramica Mediterranea

We are the only Italian manufacturer of porcelain stoneware made exclusively from raw materials obtained and processed in Sardinia.
A company with a bold vision, capable of genuinely making short-chain industry through a light production process that does not burden the territory it operates: energy, waste released and incoming transport.
A company that only chooses raw materials from its garden and local expertise.
A company with a truly sustainable production process and product: conscious, sensible and durable.

Made in Sardinia
a Km zero

The raw materials are selected and extracted on-site with the utmost care to ensure a product of the highest quality and maximum strength. The clays, sands and feldspars come from quarries in the area (Ardara, Escalaplano, Ottana) and are processed in the Guspini plant in southern Sardinia.