Sustainable Grès Porcellanato

Gres porcellanato sostenibile

The environmental responsibility and sustainability of Ceramica Mediterranea is reflected in every phase of the production process and product manufacturing.

Ceramica Mediterranea is the only Italian producer of porcelain stoneware at Km 0, made exclusively with raw materials extracted and processed in Sardinia by local workers.

The raw materials – sand, clay, minerals and feldspar – selected at the highest quality are extracted exclusively on site and allow us to obtain a very resistant product with an above average breaking load.

Sustainable Productio

Our 0 km production follows the principles of circular economy, starting from the extraction of the raw material to the finished product.

In addition to offering many modern, innovative and up-to-date collections, we are focused on safeguarding the planet for our future generations.

Our journey follows the 6Rs of sustainability:

  • Respect
  • Recycle
  • Reduce
  • Rescue
  • Reuse
  • Revive


    100% use of local raw materials with production at Km0.
    The raw materials used all come from quarries in Sardinia.

    The extraction of materials is carried out responsibly, in full respect of the quarries and surrounding green spaces, ensuring the restoration of vegetation.

    Ph. Studio Vetroblu


    The production plant powered by photovoltaic panels generates clean energy and guarantees a production with low environmental impact.


    Production has been enhanced with a dry mill designed and built to minimize water consumption at every stage. In addition, all processing water from the production phases is recovered and reused in the production cycle.


    The interventions carried out with the heat recovery systems avoid the emission of thousands of tons of CO2, equivalent to a forest of 27,500 trees.


    Dry processing allows to give new life to cooked and raw materials discarded from production, reducing disposal costs and saving on the use of raw materials.