New catalog gres porcellanato 20mm/2cm thickened

Nuovo catalogo gres porcellanato 20mm/2cm spessorato


The high performance 20mm/2cm thick porcelain stoneware is made in KM0 from Sardinian raw materials and hands, unique in its kind.

The production is totally sustainable because it is made with raw materials (sand, clay, minerals and feldspars) selected at the highest quality and extracted exclusively on site, which allow to obtain a very resistant product with an above average breaking load.

The 2cm collections are designed to design any type of outdoor space, inspired by natural elements such as wood, stone, concrete and marble.


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Pietra di Serrenti Grigio 60,6 x 120,6


Gres porcellanato Ceramica Mediterranea

Porcelain stoneware tiles are identifiable by the low porosity and compactness of the mixture from which the term “GRES” derives.
The surfaces are made through a process of greification of clays, sands, feldspars and other natural substances. Specifically, Mediterranea uses high quality raw materials from the Sardinian hinterland, kneading dry and thus safeguarding resources of the island.

Porcelain stoneware boasts among its characteristics the high resistance to abrasion, chemicals and bending. Mediterranea continues to invest in new technologies to optimize plant performance and production cycles. We track everything with great attention and value the quality of products, the efficient use of resources, and the protection of our habitat.

Characteristics of 20mm/2cm

Porcelain stoneware tiles in 20mm/2cm have special features that make them perfect for use in outdoor environments and also to create solutions of continuity between indoor and outdoor.
They are:

  • Removable and repositionable
  • Easy to lay
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Ingelive
  • Fireproof
  • Stain and acid resistant
  • Resistant to breaking loads
  • Easy to clean


    Installation 20mm/2cm

    Our 2cm tiles can be laid either according to the traditional method (with cement mortar) or with adhesives.
    We recommend laying with adhesives because they allow for greater adherence between the substrate and the tile.

    The traditional method requires a certain amount of experience considering the low porosity of some types. It is recommended to grout the joints only after a certain period of time from the laying of the floor and wall tiles in order to allow a perfect adhesion between tile and substrate. Joints must be thoroughly cleaned and then grouted with cement-based products.
    The applied joint-filler must be cleaned from the surface of the pieces within a certain time (specified by the manufacturer of the joint-filler) to avoid problems of retention on the surface.

    Laying suggestions

    Our porcelain stoneware 20mm is a versatile and safe product, which allows you to evaluate the best laying solution for your specific destination: from a more traditional laying with glue on screed, to the laying on sand or gravel, to the simplest laying on grass and even to the raised laying with fixed or adjustable supports.


    Collections in 2cm Ceramica Mediterranea