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Restyling of the Ichnusa Pub under the banner of sustainability Made in Sardinia

Restyling Pub Ichnusa all’insegna della sostenibilità Made in Sardegna

We love projects in which we can communicate our essence and collaborate with Sardinian excellences recognized worldwide.

This is the case of the restyling project of the Pub Ichnusa in Lombardy, in Treviglio (BG), carried out under the banner of collaboration between Sardinian companies, sustainability and Made in Sardinia in km 0 chain.

The values of Ceramica Mediterranea are expressed in sustainability, passion for our work, environmental protection and the creation of collections that in addition to being beautiful are created with care for detail and production km 0.

It is with the same spirit and the same shared values that we have collaborated with Edilzero, leader of products for green architecture and Ichnusa, producers of the best known and loved Sardinian beer in Italy.

The idea of the restyling of the premises came from a story that we wanted to tell. A story that sees Sardinia as the protagonist, with its valuable and sustainable products, which meets the need to recreate a comfortable environment, unique and full of personality.

We imagined customers happy to share a good bottle of Sardinian beer, rich in taste and expression of ancient traditions, all in an informal space, industrial style, with attention to detail, warm and familiar.

Restyling of a pub in industrial style.

The industrial look is the dominant style of the moment for the realization of pubs and refreshment places with a vintage flavor: exposed pipes, mechanical elements, wood, are the distinctive canons of this place, which combines the colors of the Ichnusa logo (black and red) with a warm wood-effect floor, walls in Chicago-style bricks, and elements of metropolitan decoration.

The floors are made of wood-effect porcelain stoneware, which replicates the grain of wood in a realistic and material way, faithfully reproducing the effect of a parquet.

At the same time, however, we have considered the fundamental requirements for a very busy environment with a need for hygiene and the choice of this material is perfect because it guarantees:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability over time
  • Resistance to trampling
The wall tiles are also made by Ceramica Mediterranea.
In this case, too, they are porcelain stoneware tiles that reproduce the brick effect, perfect in combination with the style of the room and easy to manage, like all porcelain stoneware surfaces.

A unique environment, with personality, which is the symbol of Sardinia and its raw materials, ranging from the production of sustainable ceramics to the taste of a beer.

Together with Ichnusa and Edilzero, we keep strong our roots and our Sardinian Soul, bringing everywhere the culture and traditions of our island, even in beautiful pub in Lombardy.