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What flooring for terraces and exteriors?

Quali pavimenti per terrazzi ed esterni?

The winter temperature outside doesn’t allow you to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home, but now is the time to create a custom design for terraces and balconies so you can enjoy them in the summer months.

Designing terraces and outdoor spaces takes time, clear ideas, and a bit of inventiveness. Each space, even if small, can become a place to enjoy sunny days in relaxation, convivial moments with family and friends, or devote to gardening activities.


  • When to change the terrace floor?
  • Designing the terrace
  • Porcelain stoneware, the perfect choice for balconies and terraces
  • Types of tiles for balconies and terraces

    When to change the terrace floor?

    If your terrace or balcony has:

    •    broken tiles,
    •   infiltrations,
    •   mold stains,
    •   waterproofing problems,
    •   or if you have simply decided to renew the style of your outdoor spaces

    now is the time to change the flooring.

    What’s more, the cost of resurfacing your outdoor space is covered by the 90% facade bonus, which has been extended until December 31, 2021.

    Designing a terrace

    To design a terrace, it is good to rely on experienced professionals, especially if the spaces are large. You can divide it, for example, into several areas, such as dining area, barbecue area, and even garden corner. If you plan to include a lot of greenery, it is good to provide an irrigation system that will make your plants always beautiful and lush with little effort.

    In addition to the areas it is good to evaluate the space we have available:

    • Is there symmetry to be maintained?
    • Are there light sources?
    • How is the greenery arranged? Are there flower beds?
    • Are there gates or doors or other encumbrances?

    Once you have assessed the available space and the existing clutter, you can choose the most suitable material for the flooring.

    Porcelain stoneware, the perfect choice for balconies and terraces

    Terrace floors should be chosen based on functional characteristics, but also according to the style of the house, the taste of those who live there and the budget. The best choice for the flooring of your outdoor spaces, is undoubtedly porcelain stoneware, both in terms of performance and affordability.

    Generally speaking, porcelain stoneware is perfect for outdoor spaces because:

    • It resists temperature changes (even in harsh climates)
    • It is easy to clean
    • It is a waterproof material

    Ceramica Mediterranea porcelain stoneware collections have special features such as:

    Non-slip: many collections are available with excellent non-slip properties (R10, R11)

    Resistance to loads: if the outdoor flooring will be destined for a driveway or a parking lot, it is possible to choose collections such as Materia and Imperial 2cm thick which have a high resistance to loads.


    In addition, Ceramica Mediterranea tiles are sustainable, because they are manufactured respecting the environment. The entire production process is at km 0 and follows the principles of circular economy:

    • 100% Sardinian raw materials
    • All production waste is reintegrated into the production cycle
    • We use renewable energy for self-consumption
    • We recover the heat produced by the kilns to produce thermal energy for the factory

    Types of tiles for balconies and terraces

    Regarding aesthetics, it is good to choose a product that blends well with the surrounding environment and with the colors of the existing elements.

    Most Ceramica Mediterranea collections can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, which allows you to create a continuity of vision between the inside of the house and the outside.

    In some cases, it is possible to overlay the existing flooring with the new materials chosen. Porcelain stoneware, in fact, can have even very small thicknesses, but the feasibility of laying must be evaluated by an expert in the field.

    The advantage in choosing stoneware is mainly related to the possibility of choosing different colors, finishes and sizes of tiles.

    For an outdoor wood-effect floor, the best choices are NATURA collection, FLOT with its many laying solutions or RESORT, elegant, refined and resistant (like all the stoneware collections).

    For a warm and elegant stone effect, you can choose the CORTE collection (16.5×33 tiles)


    If you prefer an interplay of facets and dynamic colors, we recommend the LEGO collection, which is also great for wall covering.

    For a more urban and modern style, the passe-partout is the GAYA collection, in grey and dark grey variants.