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How to choose your kitchen tiles

Guida alla scelta delle piastrelle della tua cucina

Whether you have to choose tiles for the kitchen of your new home, or you have to renovate your current one, we are going to give you some guidelines to select the most suitable style for your needs.


  • 5 things to know when choosing tiles for a kitchen
  • Decorative tiles for kitchen – splashback area
  • Tiles for open plan living area with kitchen
  • Tiles for classic kitchens

5 things to know when choosing tiles for a kitchen

Here are some simple rules to follow when choosing your kitchen tiles.

  1. If the kitchen is small and separate from the living area, it is useful to use light-colored tiles, both for the flooring and (eventually) for surfaces.
  2. Buy tiles after you see them in sunlight. Color effects can be different depending on the light.
  3. The kitchen is an area of the house usually very busy, and it must often be sanitized. It is advisable, therefore, to choose tiles resistant to strain and easy to clean, made of porcelain stoneware (like all tiles collections made by Ceramica Mediterranea).
  4. You can use the same type of tile for both floor and wall (sink and stove area), or different solutions that match each other well.
  5. Do not forget to buy a few extra packs of tiles (1-2 sqm) to have on hand in case of breakdowns and repairs that require masonry work.


    Decorative tiles for kitchen – splash back area

    Cover the wall behind the stove and sink with washable, waterproof tiles. These are areas subject to vapors and splashes from cooking food and splashing water, and are easily prone to getting dirty.
    Tiles, therefore, must not be porous, otherwise they risk becoming impregnated with dirt and difficult to clean.

    For anyone who loves a minimalist and modern of stone-effect style, Moon collection, in its darkest version – Moon night – is a truly impressive solution.

    These intense shades and marble-effect texture, which resembles traditional slate slabs, in fact, will enhance your kitchen especially if you choose a light-coloured, minimalist style.

    On the other side, if you have chosen dark furniture, for the backsplash of your kitchen use tiles with lighter color effects (the Moon collection is also available in beige and light gray).


    Chi, invece, preferisce lo stile shabby e adora i disegni delle maioliche, può optare per i decori della collezione Design – Marmette.


    Tiles for open plan living area with kitchen

    Unlike houses built at the beginning of the century, the current trend is to create a large and bright living area, merging the kitchen with the dining area and TV.

    In this scenario you have two different options:

    1. Visually separate kitchen area from the rest of living area, through floor tiles. In this case you can alternate more decorative tiles with others, for example, parquet effect or natural stone;
    2. Alternatively, you can use the same type of tile for the entire living area, in order to create a homogeneous and optically larger environment.



      Tiles for classic kitchens

      The idea of a classic kitchen, perhaps wooden or masonry, brings to mind an apple pie. These are ideal solutions for those who love to cook and at the same time look with sympathy to the style of the kitchens of our mothers or grandmothers.

      For lovers of the classic, Ceramica Mediterranea has thought of the Terre Toscane collection, in shades of terracotta.


      If you prefer to combine classic kitchens with a particular and decorative design, the choice may fall on the decors of the Essentzia di Sardinia collection to be used for flooring.

      Tiles can be used as if they were a carpet, to highlight, with a touch of design and contemporary, your environments.


      Whatever the style of your kitchen or living area, you will find the right solution among the many proposals of Ceramica Mediterranea, manufacturer of sustainable and km0 porcelain tiles.