Rita Cuccuru visiting the headquarters of Ceramica Mediterranea in Guspini

Rita Cuccuru in visita alla sede di Ceramica Mediterranea di Guspini

It is 10 a.m. on a working day at the end of September and Rita’s car, full of stickers that recall her athletic exploits, is already parked in front of Ceramica Mediterranea headquarters in Guspini.

Rita Cuccuru is in the cafeteria, the place we used for today meeting between her and all the production staff. A small party, to thank her for the commitment and passion shown during the weeks in Tokyo, where she represented Italy at the Paralympics in the triathlon category.

Meeting Rita is a gift that we give especially to us, because listening to her words and sharing with her the stories of her life, is always a pleasure and food for thought.

All the staff had the opportunity to chat (even in Sardinian dialect) with her, always available and talkative.


“I have always had the dream of participating in the Paralympics, but I needed support, because I have, like all of you, a job from which I had to be absent to devote myself 360° to athletic training. Then in life, you are lucky enough to make the right encounters, and I met Claudia and Bernhard, who allowed me to realize my dream.

These are Rita’s words of thanks, which make us proud to have supported her in the realization of her desires. Supporting her has been a way to know her, her experience, her discipline and the world of Paralympics.

Rita has taught us to change perspective in looking at things. – says Claudia Virvescu Mazohl – Months ago, we received an email from Rita introducing herself and explaining her aspiration and the life project she wanted to undertake. I was really struck by the vitality that transpired from those words and after a few days we met in Sassuolo. There was immediately a great mental connection, a relationship of mutual trust. I am really impressed by the strength and tenacity of this extraordinary athlete.

We were also able to realize a small dream of Rita’s: to see for the first time the industrial production of porcelain stoneware.
The raw material taken from the quarries not far away is processed through a dry milling process to obtain the porcelain stoneware that we can admire in our collections.


This experience has allowed us to know a great athlete and wonderful woman. We will continue to follow and support her with enthusiasm, in all her upcoming goals.