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Tiles in the bedroom: ideas and inspiration

Piastrelle in camera da letto: idee e ispirazioni

The bedroom is the place of relaxation of excellence of the whole house.

This room is perhaps the least frequented and certainly the least accessible to friends and guests, but for this reason it is the most cared for and is the room that reflects us more, because it is the result of choices that reflect our private life and our personality.


Which porcelain stoneware floors to choose for the bedroom?

Collections made by Ceramica Mediterranea faithfully reproduce the graphic effect of many materials and are inspired by marbles, stones, steel, resins, metals and woods.

That’s why we have many possibilities to choose the definition of the design of the tiles for the bedroom.

Taking advantage of the peculiarities of porcelain stoneware (ease of installation, durability, ease of cleaning), we can decorate with the material effects we prefer, precisely because they are faithfully reproduced on the tiles.

These technical characteristics, above all the ease of cleaning, are fundamental, above all in children’s bedrooms where the floor also becomes a space for playing. It will therefore be opportune to choose an anallergic floor that does not retain dirt or bacteria, such as porcelain stoneware.

Porcelain stoneware is also the ideal solution when using underfloor heating (very common in recent homes), in this article you can find more information about it.

The most common choice of bedroom floors is the parquet effect, both light and dark. The wood effect helps to warm and cozy rooms, whether you choose a modern or classic style of decor.



You can choose trendy and more minimalist solutions such as marble effect.


Tile coverings for the bedroom

The design of the new collections of Ceramica Mediterranea, allows you to create unexpected and never trivial solutions to decorate the bedroom.

The porcelain stoneware that, in addition to being used as flooring, can embellish with soft colors and decorations, even the walls of the bedroom.




Be inspired by Ceramica Mediterranea’s collections and customize your bedroom with the style that sets you apart.