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In Sardinian, the ancient art of weaving is called Tessiri. These creations pay homage to traditional tapestries' geometric and floral motifs, giving them new symbolic meanings.

Color: STEEL


Format: 30X60 8.5MM

30X60 8.5MM
30X60 8.5MM
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Lively graphic and geometric compositions of birds and themes are raffigured in Tessiri.

floral, made only partially visible, to reflect on the fleeting nature of time, which consumes the design in ever-changing ways.

The collection consists of different modules, varied in color and pattern.      

For a perfect realization of the desired design , it is recommended to purchase 15-20% square meters more than the area to be covered.

The product has a random distribution within the boxes.

Tessiri is a pure concentrate of Sardinian land.

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30X60 8.5MM

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Tiles suitable for residential buildings
Public and commercial places with light traffic
Anti-slip properties (DIN 51130)
Tiles suitable for internal/external covering
Tiles specifically used for floors
Frost resistance
Items with random shade and graphic variation from tile to tile

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