Pietra di Serrenti
Pietra di Serrenti
Pietra di Serrenti
Pietra di Serrenti
Pietra di Serrenti
Pietra di Serrenti


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Pietra di Serrenti interprets a stone with a strong personality, trachyte: an ancient, tactile material that tells of its territory's vitality and volcanic origin. These creations explore the earth's potential to create surprising scenic effects, with a cheerful play of veining and warm tones in natural nuances.

Color: BEIGE


Format: 30X60 8.5MM

30X60 8.5MM
30X60 8.5MM
30X60 8.5MM - R11
60X120 20MM
60X120 8.5MM
60X120 8.5MM - R11
60X60 20MM
60X60 8.5MM
60X60 8.5MM - R11
60X120 20MM
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Once used for exteriors, it now finds perfect use in architecture to envelop your rooms and infuse them with character.

Stone of Serrenti expresses a materiality that gives, both indoors and outdoors, movement, personality and elegance and is available in 3 essential colors rich in nuances: gray, white and beige.

The project consists of 3 colors, 3 sizes and 2 thicknesses.

Pietra di Serrenti is a pure concentrate of Sardinian soil.

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30X60 8.5MM, 30X60 8.5MM - R11, 60X120 20MM, 60X120 8.5MM, 60X120 8.5MM - R11, 60X60 20MM, 60X60 8.5MM, 60X60 8.5MM - R11, 60X120 20MM

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