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Inspired by the manual mixing of cement and crushed stone, our collection. Gaya is the ideal solution for paving gardens, terraces, and raised surfaces, over gravel and grass.

Color: GREY


Format: 30,3X60,6 20 MM

30,3X60,6 20 MM
30,3X60,6 20 MM
60,6X60,6 20MM
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Gaya is resistant to frost and frequent trampling, and its porcelain composition makes it easy to clean and maintain. It creates high-impact environments. Suitable for both narrow or defined spaces such as driveway profiles and larger surfaces.

Our Gaya Collection is 100% porcelain stoneware made in Sardinia.

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30,3X60,6 20 MM, 60,6X60,6 20MM

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Tiles suitable for residential buildings
Public and commercial places with light traffic
Tiles specifically used for floors
Frost resistance
Tiles suitable for areas around swimming pools
Items with moderate shade and graphic variation from tile to tile
Anti-slip properties (DIN 51130)

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