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What tile to choose for the house?

Quali piastrelle scegliere per la casa?

How important is the choice of tiles when it comes to the visual impact of your home?

We, at Ceramica Mediterranea, believe it is a key factor that’s why, every day, we strive to produce new nuances and graphic inspirations for porcelain tiles, so that every room becomes as personalized as you like.

So, which tiles to choose for your home? What practical and style aspects to consider?
Let’s see it together.


  • What type of tile to choose?
  • What tile formats to choose?
  • Choose tiles for the interior
  • Choosing tiles for the terrace and the outdoors


What type of tile to choose?
The choice of tiles definitely determines the style of the house:

  • There is who prefers to make a neutral choice, with tiles in soft colors that match most types of furniture
  • and people who love, instead, to dare, giving their spaces character and uniqueness.

The choice of tiles (both for floors and walls) is an operation that must be well thought out, because it usually does not provide for short-term replacement.

Choosing to cover your spaces with porcelain tiles is a safe and lasting choice. Porcelain tile, in fact, is a material that lasts over time and does not need to be particularly cared for, it resists trampling and intense use.

Technically, when choosing tiles for our home, we must evaluate three important technical aspects:

  1. slipperiness of the tile
  2. ease of cleaning
  3. resistance to impact and frictions

Slipperiness of the tile: for both indoor and outdoor use, the tiles chosen must guarantee a slipperiness coefficient suitable for the environments in which they are used (the code is expressed with the letter R).
On an aesthetic level, to recognize whether a tile is non-slip, it is sufficient to pass a hand over its surface to fella the roughness. The higher the coefficient, the rougher the tile is.

Ease of cleaning: Porcelain stoneware floors are the easiest to clean, compared to delicate surfaces such as parquet or terracotta.
Once you remove the residues of laying with special detergents, the daily management of these surfaces is really simple. We recommend, however, not to use mixes of detergents or aggressive cleaners, to avoid dulling the tile and maintain its beauty over time.

Resistance to impact and frictions: The resistance of glazed tiles to impacts and chafing, is measured with the PEI coefficient and consists of 6 levels:
• PEI 0: not suitable for floors
• PEI 1: only for floors where hard or abrasive soles are not usually used, such as bedrooms or bathrooms
• PEI 2: for floors trodden only with shoes on average not dirty (so not close to connections with external environments)
• PEI 3: for all floors
• PEI 4: for domestic and commercial environments
• PEI 5: for environments where floors are subjected to high stress, such as airports and shopping malls

Have you ever dreamed of a home with parquet or cotto? Ceramica Mediterranea’s porcelain stoneware is the most suitable choice: it combines the products practicality of use, with the aesthetics inspired by the different types of surfaces:

  1. Sardinian Island Inspiration (Abitzai)
  2. Cement Inspiration
  3. Metal Inspiration
  4. Stone Inspiration
  5. Wall Inspiration
  6. Wood Inspiration

What tile formats to choose?

Porcelain tiles usually have fairly standard sizes, but they can be grouped into:

  • square format from 20×20 cm to 120×120 cm and above,
  • rectangular format from 10×60 cm to 120×180 cm,
  • large format starting from 60×60,
  • laying with mix of formats to create innovative and unique laying patterns

Choosing the correct size of the tiles depends on the size of the rooms where they are to be used, the laying pattern and the end result you want to achieve.

For example:

REFLEX COLLECTION – square tiles format 60,6×60,6

MOON COLLECTION – rectangular tiles formats 15,6×60,6

ESSENTZIA DI SARDINIA COLLECTION – mix of formats and design

Choosing interior floors
Would you like to have a home with homogeneous and similar surfaces in all rooms? Or would you like a different effect between the sleeping area and the living area?

With porcelain stoneware and the collections of Ceramica Mediterranea, the limit to the choice is only the imagination.

Here is some inspiration for every room, from bathroom (discover in this article how to choose tiles for a small bathroom) to the living area.




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Choosing flooring for terraces and outdoors 

What type of tiles to choose for balconies or terraces? How to design our relaxation spaces?

We have dedicated a specific article in our magazine,  HERE.
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