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Ceramic decors ideas for floors and surfaces

Idee decori ceramici per pavimenti e superfici

Interior trends focus on concrete and essential concepts: sustainability, color and material expression.

The world of interior wall tiles is enriched with new styles. The protagonists are color and geometric tiles, echoing the design of the 1930s.
Porcelain stoneware tiles are not only used for flooring, but become the secret ingredient for original and impactful wall coverings.



Not just bathrooms and kitchens

Porcelain tiles, especially in their thinnest version (less than 2 cm) are perfect for use on vertical surfaces, not just floors.
Until a few years ago, surface tile installation was purely for bathrooms and kitchens, and the installation patterns were simple and repetitive.

Today, the variety of porcelain tiles in colors, shapes and sizes makes this material versatile and multi-purpose.
The imagination of the designer, architect or interior designer can indulge in the use in bedrooms, living rooms, open spaces and all rooms of homes and commercial solutions.

Decorating surfaces with tiles

Choosing to use decorated tiles for your spaces allows you to achieve numerous effects:

  • Decorated tiles can be used as flooring, making the environment modern and impactful (depending on the decoration you intend to choose). Decorations on the floor are perfect in very small rooms or in portions of open space, to delimit the spaces of use.
  • Decorated tiles mixed with monochromatic tiles create a pleasant game of geometry and symmetry. For example, it is possible to recall the decoration of the floor in details of the surface.
  • Decorated tiles can cover a wall of a room to create plays of volumes and surprising details.



    Essentzia di Sardinia: mediterranean decorations

    Essentzia di Sardinia by Ceramica Mediterranea, includes many different colors and decorations inspired by the Mediterranean.

    Porcelain stoneware gives shape to a unique Sardinian style, combining the refinement of natural colors to the raw earth effect texture that recalls the historical tradition of Sardinian facades and its ancient walls.
    Colors of raw earth and dry stone walls evoke the charm of craftsmanship and enrich the textures of the collection, enhancing their naturalness.

    The typical weaving techniques of Sardinian tapestries and carpets (pibiones), developed by dedicated local artisans, are thus reinterpreted in an iconographic key in the heart of the structure of ceramic surfaces.

    Essentzia di Sardinia represents an occasion of encounter between present and past, drawing inspiration from the distant origins of popular Sardinian costumes, whose singular decorations, bright colors and geometric lines come back to life in the materiality of the surfaces.

    Wall tiles: three-dimensional textures

    Essentzia di Sardinia has reinterpreted the trends of material inspiration in interior design, creating three-dimensional decors:

    • Geometric decorations – to cover the surfaces, giving a touch of whimsy and particularity to the environments;
    • Decorations with Sardinian writings – to strengthen the link of the collection with Sardinia and, at the same time, to explain through the environments the bond with this beautiful land.