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Sustainable Gres Porcellanato for swimming pools

Gres Porcellanato sostenibile per piscine


Choosing to build a swimming pool in your home is certainly a desire of many.

It is important, however, pay attention to selecting the construction materials and the final effect you want to obtain.
The types of pools that can be realized are different, you can in fact study solutions for::

  • Gardens,
  • Terraces (if it is feasible for structural reasons),
  • Indoor pools,
  • In-ground pools,
  • Above ground pools.

It is essential to choose the right product for the flooring of the pool and also for the adjacent spaces.
Not everyone knows, however, that porcelain stoneware is perfect for both uses.

The first step is to define a specific project for your spaces, and to contact professionals in order to properly install your leisure area.

Tiling your swimming pool with porcelain tile

There are a variety of materials used for interior pool flooring:

  • Resins,
  • Glass mosaics,
  • Stone,
  • PVC coating,
  • Porcelain tiles.

Each choice is fine, but it is contingent on the final effect we want to create. It is essential to choose a material that is durable, resistant to moisture, easy to clean and maintain.

Pool tiles, immersed in water for an extended period of time during the year, undergo a series of “wears”.
In addition to the pressure and back pressure caused by emptying and filling the pool, they are continually subjected to the wearing action of chlorine and detergents.

If the project involves an outdoor pool, you need to take into account the cold winter temperatures (even frost) that attacks coatings of outdoor pools, testing them to the limit.
For this reason, the quality of the materials used for swimming pools (including adhesives) and skills of installers will be decisive for the success of the work.

Ceramica Mediterranea porcelain stoneware tiles are:

  • Durable,
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents,
  • Non-slip (having even an R11 index),
  • Anti-mold,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Simple ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

and in addition they allow you to create designs, shades, decorations and mosaics that will make your project unique.



Aesthetic choices for porcelain stoneware in swimming pools

There are a number of Ceramica Mediterranea collections suitable for covering the bottom of a swimming pool. It is possible to create solutions of continuity between the interior of the pool and the surrounding space (poolside or area equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas) or to define elegant and modern contrasts.

Usually, light colors are preferred for the porcelain stoneware of the pool area, which reflect the reflections of the water.
Some people prefer, instead, shades of dark gray, thus obtaining a greater warming of the water, since this color attracts sun rays.

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware solutions faithfully reproduce the colors, veining and roughness of natural materials, making them an excellent choice for the poolside area.
For those who like warmer versions that are reminiscent of wood floors, parquet-effect porcelain stoneware is ideal for poolside relaxation areas.

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