Outdoor summer desire

With the beautiful season in full swing, the desire to spend the days outdoors with friends increases. A terrace or garden is the ideal setting for dinners and convivial moments but how to make your outdoor space ready to welcome guests?

The latest furniture trends see the outdoor space become more and more similar to the inside of the home, incorporating comfortable interior design elements used in the living room for example in the design approach for the exterior.

The conceptual trends of 2019 presented at Homi (HOMI OUTDOOR) are a choice of accessories, decorations and scenarios in which to experience the freedom of the home environment with the outdoors, making them more intimate and welcoming.

The goal is to create areas dedicated to personal relaxation or spending moments of leisure with family and friends. 

The garden or the terrace will become a new lounge area of the house, furnished with large sofas, armchairs and low tables, all made from technical materials resistant to climate agents and temperature changes.

Here we give you some tips on how to furnish the exterior, creating continuity between the interior and exterior of your home.

If you have a traditional and classic home, we recommend using a coating reminiscent of natural stone, wood and wicker effects that recall warm colors. Our coating proposal is the Siena series, a reinterpretation of the aged terracotta. Thanks to its warm tones it is great to use outside of rustic environments.

corriere della sera

Mediterranea Siena Beige 16×33 cm

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For a modern style, the coatings have a neutral surface. Metal furniture and durable coatings complete the environment. We propose two variants for this style: Stonegres – porcelain stoneware, inspired by the Limestone stone with warm tones, homogeneous surface and with little discontinuity of color and Tempio, a material surface that recalls quartzite, with neutral tones.

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Mediterranea Stonegres Ivory 30×60 cm

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Mediterranea Tempio Beige 30×60 cm

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For those who identify with a very young, lively and colorful style, a most suitable solution is using contrasting fabrics and materials. For this stylistic choice, we suggest a trendy solution: the wood-effect flooring of our Resort collection inspired by the wooden slats. This coating is distinguished because it communicates warmth and naturalness, also, thanks to its structured surface it fits perfectly to your outdoor space.

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Mediterranea Resort Grey 16×60 cm

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All of our collections are in porcelain stoneware which is

  • resistant to loads and wear
  • waterproof
  • frost-resistant
  • non-slip and resistant to stains and chemicals.

In addition, even if exposed to the sun and the weather, the colors of the porcelain stoneware last unchanged over time.

Mediterranea offers you beautiful and sustainable solutions to decorate.