Bernhard Mazohl


For Ceramica Mediterranea people value, they’re our treasure and strength.
We constantly try to motivate our team based on trust and mutual respect in order to encourage the sense of being part of the company.

Claudia Virvescu Mazohl

Marketing director

Our purpose in Ceramica Mediterranea is being loyal to our identity while creating beauty and value. We have the incredibly opportunity to produce in the extraordinary isle of Sardinia. So we express the isle’s soul brought the ceramics language.


Antonello Mellis

Production manager

Juan Giovingo

Maintenance manager

Maurizio Caria

Quality Manager

Massimiliano Tuveri

Technical Operator

Veronica Siddu

Logistics Office

Francesco Formichini

Production, safety and environment manager

Dania Piddiu

Technical Operator

Lucia Inzirillo

Head of Research & Development

Giuditta Concas

Research & Development

Lorenzo Porta

Logistics Manager

Maurizio Ghiani

Dry grinding manager

Sergio Floris

Machine Manager

Simone Urru

Research & Development


Fabio Di Vietri

National Key Account

Ana Tinica

Marketing office

Anca Dordea

Administration Manager

Ornela Haxhiraj

Credit Manager

Eugenio Ghizzoni

Customer Service

Monica Lopez

GDO Key Account