Essence of Sardinia

A tribute to SARDINIA

Ceramic material has a local culture, an ancient history, a noble and authentic soul.

Our interpretation of ceramics tells the story of sardinian land to the world which wants to discover and listen our story.

We have dedicated our mains collections to the charming island of Sardinia: we took inspiration by traditions such as weaving and embroidery, ancient stones, landscapes and culture.

The word that explain the spirit of our Sardinia-inspired collections is ‘ABITZAI‘ = which means revitalise, sow, return to the environment.


from the ancient sardinian language: “revitalize, plant”

The ABITZAI concept is connected to the company’s production at zero-kilometre, because it is entirely made with local raw materials and a local workforce.

ABITZAI’ also explicate how Ceramica Mediterranea’s tiles are “ambassadors” of sardinian culture around the world. A culture composed by centuries-old traditions, purity, authenticity, beauty and warmth.

Guided by ‘ABITZAI’, Ceramica Mediterranea takes inspiration from past and in the meantime it creates contemporary, versatile, performing and exciting collections.

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