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Ceramica Mediterranea’s sustainability project on air on Rai3

“Sustainability” is on everyone’s lips. This is not just a topical issue, but a key component of quality for every company focusing on the present and on the future. Yet, to be really green and sustainable, declaring to own a few photovoltaic panels and to make sorted refuse collection is not enough. Sustainability in fact must not be conceived as a commercial tool, but as a natural and evolving mood. And it must be planned, so as to offer solutions to last years’ ecological damages. We should make sure that rejects become resources and the matter becomes a product. We should connect environment, technology, nature and culture and own a global vision of this concept. 

For all of these reasons, Ceramica Mediterranea decided to take a specific path, with targeted and concrete interventions. Its effort in the name of sustainability and zero km product was appreciated by many. Among the most recent testimonies of this approval, the inclusion in the service dedicated to Carbon-free Sardinia, on air on Sunday September 20th on Rai3 at “Presa Diretta”.

 At Sardinia-based Guspini facility, Claudia Virvescu Mazohl, Business Manager explained to the TV journalist how the company uses local raw materials only to develop its products. It also recycles every single scrap. Production implies the reduction of the use of water to the least and photovoltaic power for self-consumption, also exploiting hot air from the furnaces as thermal energy instead of LPG. And what about the company’s saving of CO2 emissions? In one year, the heat recovery system saves 3500 tons, while the dry ground mill enables to save 800 tons per year, the LED lighting system 130 tons per year and the photovoltaic one, 600. CO2 reduction in terms of transportation is also remarkable, since local raw materials are used.

We’d like to think that our project belongs to a sustainability plan embracing the whole Sardinia. We’ll go on developing our technological but sustainable mission and we’ll engage ourselves to ensure better life conditions to Sardinian inhabitants” Claudia Virvescu Mazohl declared.



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