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Sestu, 2018, July 06th. 

On July 6th in Sestu, in the province of Cagliari, with the prominent figures in the local political context, at Iter di Ruggeri there was not only an inauguration but also the exhibition of a collaboration between entrepreneurs. 

Iter di Ruggeri is a business reality born in Guspini, where Ceramica Mediterranea has its production plant, which now has a big showroom at the gates of Cagliari where it is possible to design the home, office and more projects starting from the window fixtures to tiles and coverings. The two companies share their values ​​and both are oriented to offer their customers excellent quality products, sober and elegant. 

Ceramica Mediterranea has never dislocated its production from Sardinia, using raw materials at zero km, respecting the environment using renewable energy and with the collaboration of local workforce. One of the main purposes of Ceramica Mediterranea is precisely to enhance the characteristics of a territory rich in resources. This aspect is widely reflected in tiles collections that are predominantly of natural inspiration. 

The owner of Ceramica Mediterranea is from Alto-Adige, but he has repeatedly expressed its attention towards Sardinia, which he defines his own land of adoption.

The collaboration with the entrepreneur Davide Ruggeri realizes the desire of Mediterranea to establish a network of cooperations with the entrepreneurs of the Sardinian hinterland to grow the businesses in this magnificent region and to maintain the employment of the local workforce.  




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