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Guspini, 2018, 6th July

For the first time in the history of Ceramica Mediterranea, we opened the doors of the factory to employees and their family, to dedicate them a day of cohesion and fun.

For the youngest ones, the place where mum and dad spend most of the day, was shown through a fun tour accompanied by colorful gadgets marked by Ceramica Mediterranea brand.

The event happened during a working morning to show the entire production cycle starting from the planning in the laboratory to the finished product packed and ready to be shipped. For security reasons, the visit included the subdivision into small groups escorted by the factory staff who expertly and passionately exposed all the steps of the production cycle.

Despite the summer heat there was an almost total participation of the employees and their family, that create a  playful atmosphere during the final lunch.

The Family Day was the ideal opportunity to recognize ourselves as a team able to share successes and moments of criticality through collaboration and reciprocal trust.

Ceramica Mediterranea in 2018 is recording an increase in turnover of more or less 10% and this growth is a success for the union of the entire workforce.

The message of Mazohl’s family wanted to leave through the day dedicated to the family is that, even if they are not permanently in Guspini, they are extremely close to their collaborators and recognize the value they give to Ceramica Mediterranea.

The growth of Ceramica Mediterranea is the result of passionate and competent workers combined with a management extremely care to people’s needs and value.


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