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Sardinia is a place that we love and we want to support it celebrating its qualities. Ceramica Mediterranea takes inspiration from the typical nature of the island where is based the production plant.
In Mediterranea, we care about the environment so we use high quality KM zero raw materials, renewable energy of the sun, in addiction we provide jobs to the local workforce.

It means that:

  • We extract raw materials a few kilometers from our plant based in Guspini (Sardinia) where we have our entire production;
  • We have a photovoltaic system that measures 24’000 sqm for self-consumption;
  • We reduce the use of water in the making process by using dry milled;
  • As Thermal energy we use hot air produced by our kilns instead of LPG gas;
  • We recycle every manufacturing waste;
  • Our workforce is composed by 100% Sardinian people, with their high knowledge and know-how we can produce the kind of tile that can be the emblem of the Sardinian tradition in the world

Our mission is the sustainable development. What we produce today is the result of a concrete strategy that focuses on the future of our planet.
A continuous research of designs and a high reliability in the supplies, make us the ceramic producer suitable for the needs of a constantly evolving market.

“For us it’s very important live in a sustainable way, because it means keep on improve the place where we work and live.
What we do is to offer an excellent, fashionable and lasting product.”

Bernhard Mazohl – CEO Ceramica mediterranea spa


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