Ceramica Mediterranea has obtained, as a result of a rigorous process of continuous improvement of its management systems, two important milestones.

Certification of the Quality Management System  according to the ISO 9001 standard.
Accredited recognition of the entire management system, in order to guarantee ever-improving process and product quality.
The standardisation of the management system makes it possible to control not only the finished product, but all production processes, reducing and controlling the inherent variability in the use of natural materials as raw materials.
This certificate recognises the conformity of all activities in the life of our product, from design to shipping, to give our customers the best possible product and service quality.

Certification of the Energy Management System according to the ISO 50001 standard.
This certificate recognises the compliance of our energy management system with strict international standards.
Although ceramic production is a highly energy-intensive activity, Mediterranea stands out for the solutions implemented to reduce energy consumption, and consequently the environmental impact.
We produce as much of our electricity as possible through a photovoltaic plant of more than 1 MW, which is being upgraded and expanded and will reach a peak power equivalent to the average power required by 2022, with resulting self-consumption, at least during the sunniest hours (peak).
We recover energy waste in direct form as hot air in the furnace cooling zones, overcoming some technical challenges due to the uniqueness of our plant.
We also recover thermal energy present in the fumes, using advanced air/fume exchangers, resulting in less hot emissions and thermal energy fed into production processes (resulting in gas savings, and substantially reduced CO2 generation).