Cersaie 2019: a brand new stand in-between emotions and novelties

Ceramica Mediterranea will be taking part to the next Cersaie, Bologna (September 23-27) with plenty of novelties. First of all a brand new stand: original and imaginative, huge and eye-catching, designed to express the brand’s value at best, especially the km 0 Italian Ceramic concept.

In the new exhibition space, visitors can actually focus on this concept that joins all of Ceramica Mediterranea’s collections.

But what does km 0 Ceramic really mean? It means to use local raw materials and to develop all of the products a few km from Guspini, in the magical Sardinia island, where the company plant is located. It also means to reduce the use of water to the least and to use photovoltaic power for self-consumption, also exploiting hot air from the furnaces as thermal energy instead of LPG.

All this in the name of environmental sustainability, focusing on safeguarding the planet and future generations. And offering an excellent, emotional and long-lasting product.
In addition to the overview of all the collections – featuring the most widespread porcelain stoneware types on the market: wood, stone, marble, texture, metal and much more – Ceramica Mediterranea visitors at Cersaie will discover two new collections, designed to revive Sardinian traditions and craftsmanship, spreading their culture in the world through tiles.

The first collection is called Antiga and is inspired to Sardinian textures, while the second-one, called Pietra di Serrenti, is composed of the typical Sardinian stone that, curiously, has not been used by the ceramic world for over twenty years and thus represents a great return.

The new collections are associated with a charming Sardinian word: abitzai = giving back life, vivifying the environment, compensating it for its losses with new, valuable contributions to improve it, make it grow, thinking about the present, but above all about the future.
Abitzai is a key concept for Ceramica Mediterranea, the only km 0 brand, that has always shared with its users and clients the values of essentiality, reliability, sobriety and sustainable Made in Italy.