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Imagine your home, a fresh wind blowing the curtains, a sunny summer afternoon.

An ancient taste of Sardinian ceramics, the craftsmanship of tradition blossomed again in your rooms.
A choice of style. A refined design that combines with porcelain stoneware, to give shape to a unique Sardinian style. The combination of natural colors and raw earth effect texture recalls the historical tradition of Sardinian facades and its ancient walls.
Tiles, decorations, flooring and coatings in pure Sardinian style.

All this in your rooms, every day of the year.

Between local heritage and Sardinian authenticity

Ceramics belongs to a long local tradition and represents it with its noble, concrete and distinctive soul.

Abitzai is the expression of an ancient Sardinian history, where the environment is renewed in a natural way.
It is a journey to discover new essences and colors, where nature, ancient stones, landscapes and local traditions of the island become a source of inspiration.

Symbolic elements of Sardinia are enclosed in Abitzai collections and re-proposed in a dreamlike way in the design, to become a unique expression of beauty and substance of the territory.

Abitzai – /a-bi-tzài/ vivify, restore vitality, inhabit, integrate

Abisai – /a-bi-sài/ “to architect”, design

A mood, that of ABITZAI that is told in six different collections, each with a refined design and craftsmanship flavor.
Essentzia di Sardinia, Fior di Sale, Imperial, Opus, Pietra di Serrenti and Reflex.

Essentzia di Sardinia

Essentzia di Sardinia was born from an idea of creating a singular, unique collection, capable of going beyond the ordinary. And here is where porcelain stoneware gives shape to a unique Sardinian style, combining the refinement of natural colors with the raw earth effect texture that recalls the historical tradition of Sardinian facades and its ancient walls.

The colors of raw earth and dry stone walls evoke the charm of craftsmanship and enrich the textures of the collection, enhancing their naturalness.

Essentzia di Sardinia represents a meeting point between present and past, drawing inspiration from the distant origins of Sardinian folk costumes, whose unique decorations, bright colors and geometric lines come back to life in the materiality of the surfaces. The typical weaving techniques of Sardinian tapestries and carpets (pibiones), developed by dedicated local artisans, are thus reinterpreted in an iconographic key in the heart of the structure of ceramic surfaces.

Fior di sale


“Sa cosa antiga durat de prusu”

Old stuff lasts longer


Pietra di Serrenti


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